Making stories to propel innovation-driven growth

We support organizations to intertwine narratives to craft ideas sound plausible, and business strategies to shape new value propositions.


Stories shape our values, guide us to solve complexities of the social orders and life, touch us emotionally, enrich empathy, generate curiosity, nurture who we are, and amend our behaviour.

Visual Story

Storytelling transforms dense information into a clear visual story, bringing a team together, distilling events to heighten reality and draw out lessons.


Storytelling shifts mindset and organization culture, and traits, to express business ideas, presentation and status as riveting tales.


Strong storytelling skills and the ability to engage can truly set  business leaders apart from the rest, reach  more customers than their competitors, and turn ideas into groundswells.

Experience Storytelling

Elements of storytelling?

Storytelling Journey

Through a series of immersive learning modules, you will learn, and practice storytelling skills you need to connect with the hearts and minds of your audience. Storytelling programs guide learners through four unique curricula: 


Understand the audience needs. Learn what moves them.

Develop your Blueprint

Interlace audience needs into what you intend to convey both narratively and emotionally.

Prototype & Visualize

Explore different mediums for telling your story. Use visual thinking and persona to convey information.

Deliver for impact

Make your stories resonate with the audience.

Physics of Storytelling enables to convey a message visually about complex contexts, messages and data into clear visualizations that is easy to understand and better to remember.

  • The workshop begins with a principles of good story, input, tools & methods, and demonstrates how to weave narrative into pictures and graphics, for maximum impact.
  • The focus of workshop is
    • to elicit emotional responses with stories
    • how you can use storytelling for practical application in your designs
    • How to drive emotional engagement to visualize future concepts  which is yet to be transpired.
  • Finally, define icons, metaphors, storyboards, presentations and visual maps to present your business matters and convey more complex ideas.

Our Programmes