Storytelling | Learn


Define Audience, Focus and Challenge  Session organizers work with the  Yayati team to identify meaningful communication topics and current challenges for the  participants.

Facilitated Workshop

Why and How to design a story

  • Understand why presentations miss to mark
  • Identify the needs of the audience
  • How to match audience needs with storyteller shared  experiences, values and goals

What of Story

Build a storyboard and creative commons, assimilate the presentation’s  big idea, structure and flow. Story formula and elements for audience comprehension

Follow up

Practice Storytelling and Report Back on Performance

  • Storytelling come alive as teams learn through  simple, low-risk storytelling.
  • Yayati team work with to Session Organizers providing some tips to motivate the storytelling skills development journey….


Yayati delivers communications that transform. We change people and create businesses – through persuasive visual stories and presentations.

We also teach design thinking, storytelling, change management, presentation design and delivery skills in engaging, in-person workshops.

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