Our People are our greatest strength

A culture of transformation

We are a professional development and consulting firm who lives and breathes ‘transformation’.

We’ve evolved to support individual through emerging learning platforms and engineer business growth with design methodologies. 

Etymology of Our Brand

Yayati means Traveler. Yayati was a mythological king and his story appears in many eastern scriptures.

Yayati signifies continuous internal transformation journey from one state to successive enriching state.

Yayati means – acquire the knowledge, intellectual capabilities and mental poise to achieve the real purpose of our own business and subsequently apply these insights to clients’ engagements to make their businesses and people sharper and smarter.

Our Vision

Set the benchmark of excellence at business value creation and building of business-centric, technology-driven, leadership.

Our Philosophy

In rapidly changing world, we will implement Collective Wisdom, Reputation and Collaboration to echo the current realities and take next steps. 

We will constantly adjoin insights, tools, methods and learnings     to co-create new approach to identify our clients’ prioritized list of opportunities, address their people, product and process related topics and deliver transformational business value.

We will be committed to value driven and adoptive learning organization thereby bringing transformation – for our associates, our partners, our clients, and communities. 

Our Believe

  • Charmingly Simple

    Design that rules hearts and minds is both naturally beautiful and intuitively enough to use by everyone.

  • Collaboration and Playful

    Our teams are champions of co-competition, collaboration and co-creation, therefor deliver high quality, better results, added alignment and it’s more playful, too.

  • Cognition and Emotion

    We begin with thinking about the user problems and derive solution “with” them. Besides this, bring in transdisciplinary approach to blend analytics, business and creativity.

  • Curiosity

    We are multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural and cross-industry team; always embrace inner curiosity to exploration

  • Constant Innovation

    In every changing world, we rely on constant understanding of what’s happening today, thus we can define what’s possible tomorrow

  • Continuous Design

    We constantly challenge our own thinking, continuously take advantage of opportunities and bring fresh ideas to improve and optimize existing design.