Experience a better way to innovate

ExperienceInnovation™ is a family of experiential workshops built in collaboration with innovation powerhouse IDEO, that build creative confidence and competence.


A unique approach to learn innovation, which starts with setting organizational context and produces a definitive action plan to reach the stated goals.

Setting the business context and goals

You express the current business challenges and set the intended results and scope of an initiative. You set the goals and metrics for your people to achieve.  We align the experience learning to match the expectations you have set for your people. 

Experiencing Value

Learners will create valuable experience in our simulation based innovation workshops through challenges to roll-up their sleeves and learn the why, what and how of innovation.

Collaborating and Competing

We provoke learners to find out new ways of doing things while engaging in their emotions as well as their intellect.
With collaboration and competition built in, we make sure learners hands, heads and hearts are in the game.

Soaring with a safety net

We engage people to tackle a realistic challenge, allowing learners to make mistakes without putting the company or their careers at risk.

The use of technology comes within reach to motivate learners and push them beyond self-imposed boundaries and stretch outside their comfort zones.

Committing to action plan, with confidence

A fun, engaging experience is the integral part of the learning experience and to sustain lasting learning outcomes.

Our ExperiencePoint innovation workshops provide the context and conditions for learners to internalize new behaviors, commit to immediate action, and leave with the confidence and motivation to put what they’ve learned to work.